Kentucky Childcare Food Program


Ashland Child Development Center can help you become licensed to care for other people's children in your own home. We can help you become:
  • Enrolled (with 3 children),
  • Certified (with 6 children) or
  • Licensed (with 12 children) in your own home, to care for other people's children.

Once you have become licensed or certified, the Kentucky Child Care Food Program will pay you up to $4.25 per day for each child for whom you provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

The only additional work is filling out one piece of paper each week, showing us which children ate what meals and what food was served. One of our staff members will come to your home and explain everything in about an hour.

If you take care of three children per day, your monthly income from the Child Care Food Program would be an average of $180.00. The check is sent directly to you at the end of the following month. So, if you file for June, you will receive the check at the end of July.

Ashland Child Development works with 80+ home daycares in Eastern Kentucky. The program is quick and easy to use and provides some great resources for caregivers. We use an internet-based system called "Minute-Menu" that helps with menu planning and accurate reporting. Menus and reporting can also be completed on paper.

When we arrive to train you, we bring FREE goodies to make taking care of children, a little easier, as well as, a book containing enrollment forms, simple menu suggestions, and activities for children. We will also provide an easy book to help you do your taxes to document your expenses, so you won't owe Uncle Sam much money.

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